Four Ways To Encourage Your Spouse To Go To The Dentist

Posted on: 24 February 2015

If your spouse puts off going to the dentist, it can be frustrating and can make you worry about their health. If your spouse desperately needs to go to the dentist, here are four ways to get your loved one in for an appointment and back on track with dental check-ups.

1. Remind Your Spouse that the Kids Look up You as Parents

If your spouse isn't going to the dentist, this can make it harder to get your kids on-board for routine check-ups. Parents set an example when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, and one aspect of this is going to the dentist. Encourage your spouse to make an appointment at the same time as the kids, so that they can be a good example when it comes to dental health.

2. Find a Dentist that Can Work with Tough Patients

If you can help find a dentist that can make visits easier, your spouse might be more apt to go. A dentist that can provide headphones or TVs as a distraction can help take away from the unpleasant parts of a dental visit. If your spouse needs work done, there are options such as nitrous oxide and other medications that can get a patient through dental work without pain.

3. Planning the Appointment for Your Spouse

If your spouse is just too busy to make an appointment for the dentist, do the planning for them. Find out the best day of week or time of day that is workable for your spouse, or source a dentist near your spouse's office. Sometimes planning can be the hardest part, so do the work for your spouse and make an appointment for them.

4. Make a Deal with Your Spouse

If there is something that your spouse has been encouraging you to do, let your spouse know you'll make a deal. If your spouse thinks that you should hit the gym more, plan a trip, or go to the doctor, hold up your end of the bargain if they'll go to the dentist.

Going to the dentist is a critical part of overall healthcare. If you have a loved one that isn't up-to-date with their dental visits, you should try to encourage them in any way that you can. Getting over the hurdle of just going in for a check-up is the hardest part, so do what you can to get them to the dentist. For more information, contact a clinic like Aberdeen Dental Arts.


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