3 Reasons Not To Use A Denture Reline Kit At Home

Posted on: 2 June 2015

Your dentures just are not fitting right lately and it's really becoming a problem. When a friend suggests a relining kit that you can use at home, it sounds like just the solution you've been wanting. After all, getting in to the dentist's office is expensive and it can take away from your busy schedule. Before you go off and grab your own relining kit, however, there are some reasons to reconsider.

They're Not Meant to Last

Denture reline kits are temporary, at best. This can mean that the new lining lasts a few weeks or just a few days. Not all kits are equal in quality and none of them are of the same caliber that your dentist can produce for you. If you're willing to play with that kind of uncertainty, then you might try a relining kit. Otherwise, it's better to make a dental appointment.

They Only Work with Full Dentures

A lot of denture wearers think that they can use relining kits on their partial dentures to make them more comfortable. Unfortunately, these types of kits are made for use with full dentures only. That makes them impractical for other denture wearers to try. Even if you do manage to get the epoxy into the partial dentures, you're not likely to be able to get it to fit properly. It's better to have partials done professionally to save yourself the headache.

They May Not Solve the Problem

On the surface, a denture reline kit sounds like it is just the ticket to solve all sorts of issues with dentures. Many users jump through all the hoops and finish their home relining experience only to realize that the relining kit didn't solve the problem they had with their dentures. They may still fit poorly, rubbing in painful areas. The relining kit can only do so much for you at home, and in fact it may make some fit problems even worse. In the end, you'll still end up needing to make an appointment with your dentist to have the problems corrected.

If your dentures aren't fitting right or they need some serious adjusting, call a dentist or a denturist at a company like Beddington Denture Centre today for an appointment. A professional can assess the entire situation for you and come up with a resolution that works for you and your busy life. You might not even need to have them relined professionally, so it pays to get the full story.


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