Diagnosing an Abscess

An abscess may start as a small and painful pimple near the base of a tooth. As it grows in size, the flesh around the abscess will become more transparent and you may notice a clear or white liquid inside of the bump. There are a few other dental issues that will cause a pimple to form in your mouth, but the additional symptoms of an abscess set it apart. For instance, you might have a fever, a bitter taste in your mouth, swollen lymph nodes, or red and swollen gums when you are experiencing an abscess. 

Home Care for an Abscess

If your abscess is small, there are some steps that you can take to try to treat it at home. For instance, you can apply saltwater to the area in order to prepare to draw the abscess open. For pain, you can take aspirin or other over the counter medications, or you can try applying a tea bag to the area in order to soothe it. If chewing is difficult, you may want to place gauze around the abscess to relieve the pressure as you chew. In order to get an abscessed tooth taken care of, it’s important that you see a dentist as soon as possible. If an abscess is able to grow in size, it may burst and release infectious materials into your mouth. 

Visiting a Dentist

Your dentist can help you quickly and effectively treat an abscess, using light surgical procedures to help the abscess drain. There are several advantages to seeing a dentist rather than draining an abscess on your own. If you don’t have the correct, sterile tools for the job, you could cause a worse infection in your mouth. In order to completely treat an abscess and keep it from coming back, you may need antibiotics to cure the infection that caused the abscess in the first place. Finally, a dentist can offer you follow up care to monitor your symptoms and prevent recurrences of dental abscesses. 

There are a few options for treating an abscess, but if you are experiencing the signs of septic shock or serious infection, be sure to get medical care. For instance, a high fever and redness radiating from your injury could be signs that the infection is spreading throughout your body. In any case, a dentist (like  Dr. Sajner & Associates) can help you to most effectively cure this type of infection.