• 3 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

    If your teeth are discolored, it may have little to do with your actual dental health. Brushing your teeth regularly is not usually enough to avoid dental staining. Over time, teeth absorb the pigments or colorants that are contained in the food that you eat. Once these pigments are deeply trapped within the pores of the teeth, a bleaching solution is often required to bleach the stains away. In some cases, however, if dental staining is light enough, natural substances can be used to polish discoloration from the surface of the teeth.
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  • Second Molar Hurts And Nothing Works? Temporarily Relieve The Pressure In Your Jaw

    If your second molar hurts and nothing you take or do makes it feel better, relieve the pressure in your jaw. Sometimes, pressure builds up in your jaws when the soft tissues around a bad tooth develop an abscess. The swelling can create excruciating pain in the side of your face that contains the bad tooth. You can alleviate the pain temporarily by gently massaging your jaw and cheek according to the tips given below.
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  • How To Convince Your Teen To Wear Braces

    If you have a teenager that needs braces, it can be hard to get them to agree to have them put on without a lot of hassle. However, there are a lot of choices when it comes to the type of braces your teen can go with and you can use this to convince them that getting braces isn't a big deal. Learn about some of those choices in this article so you can persuade your teen to be more open minded about getting them.
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